About Ifthikhar AN

Ifthikhar is an award winning Lead 3D Artist / Creative Supervisor / Fine Art Photographer living in Dubai. He currently works with Dubai Government Company in UAE as a Senior 3D Visualiser.
He has 9 years of experience in 3D Architectural Visualisation (specialised in Vray & 3Ds Max), and the ability to create photo-realistic renders.
He is a fast learner, and has worked as Creative Supervisor and Lead 3d Artist simultaneously, with some of the biggest 3D firms in India. Also, being a member of the R&D Team at his company, he is capable of troubleshooting software/hardware issues.
He has received several awards for his excellence in his 3D career.
Details: www.ifthikhar.com/awards-publications.
Here is what Autodesk has got to say about him:
“What do you get when you combine the stuff of dreams, travel and a passion for 3D art? The gorgeous Fire Fly Cottage, with day and night versions, of course. They instantly caught our eye and captured our imagination so when artist Ifthikhar AN offered to share his story with us, we couldn’t resist. In his own words, read about him and the inspiration behind his stunning work.”
Readmore: http://area.autodesk.com/gallery/featured-story/ifthikhar-an

Besides being a 3D artist, Ifthikhar is a creative digital photographer and his experience in photography gives him an upper hand in dealing with various related aspects in 3D like framing, animation, lighting, etc.
He co-founded “Loeil”, a fine art photography studio based in New Delhi, India, with two of his friends.


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