Airport waiting area [3dsmax – VRay] [2016]

In an airport, my favorite place is the waiting area with a view. I just sit there most of the time if not in the lounge, silently looking out through the glass, into the airport tarmac and the big flights on the move! And if I am not travelling, I spend most of my free time watching movies and reading books. So when I watched the movie Up in the Air, a similar frame caught my eye! The signature image of the movie shows actor George Clooney in front of an airport window, gazing out at the tarmac. I read somewhere about how the director thought a frame like that would be a good idea as most people in the audience can relate to it. He was right. I could relate to it instantly like other travellers as it’s quite a meditative moment, when I lose myself for a while, before boarding the flights.

Inspired by those moments, I created a quick scene of an airport waiting area in 3dsmax and rendered with VRay. Here I tried to do a direct 3D approach without much of post-production in Photoshop. My aim was a similar silhouette photography shot, and to test my VRay lighting skills to match the render with the real scenario/photography.

I started the scene with hdri lighting as usual, but then moved to simple v-ray sun with sky method, which brought out the best results in reflection/lighting and made it more realistic for this particular scene. Later, I just added the sky in Photoshop with the help of Alpha channel and a grudge texture overlay.



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