Dubai’s “Museum of the Future” [Technology Update]


Interacting with the UAE HyperMind, where trillions of data determines how a city functions, at the Museum Of The Future.


Dear readers,
Recently I had a chance to attend an opening show of Museum of the Future, where I explored the future of science in some aspects, tech & innovation held at the World Gov Summit in Dubai, UAE. I have to say, it was absolutely mind-blowing, and I cant wait till 2018 (official opening date of the museum) to travel to 2035!  I will go through some of the main technologies I found really interesting.
The Museum of the Future is a unique initiative by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, that explores the future of science, technology and innovation.
He said “The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it. It isn’t something you await, but rather create.” which perfectly defines just what Dubai’s Museum of the Future is all about.

It was a trip to the year 2035, where we saw and experienced how technology could evolve to enhance our bodies and minds, explore what role it might play in our social and family lives, and discuss how it could be used to manage complex social and economic systems.

Fall 2035 Augmentation Upgrades:
Upon entering this section, these questions welcomed us. Are you living life to the fullest? Do you wonder if you’re missing out? Are you sometimes concerned about your children’s ability to compete in an augmented world? And they presented us some products as answers, which were latest in biomechanical miniaturized consumer enhancements for our brain, body and lifestyle. they claims that all are certified by the Ministry of Health and Human enhancement.
The smell of success, Eat it All, GroupThink: Team edition, Eyeshare by du, Endorphomatic, DreamStream, Clairavigilant, MoodView, NewKnees, GeckoTips, AutoLingua, Tune-it-Out.

So do you want to upload that weird dream you had last night for others to experience? use Dreamstream!  Or Eat whatever / as much as you want, Eat-it-all extracts just what your body needs and rejects the remaining. GroupThink – a brain implant which join users minds together, the thoughts and things in your mind can be send to him/her, He/she will feel that in his/her mind the same way you felt!EyeShare is somewhat like a VR headset or google glass but downsized to a tiny retinal overlay lens with internet connection! wearing Clairavigilant protects you with its 360 degree sensors. Mood view helps you to understand the moods of the person infront of you.
One of my favorite – Autolingua – another brain implant -helps you understand any language in the world, and instant translation of five most common languages – that means I can travel anywhere in the world and interact with the locals!

A video peak into #Dubai’s #MuseumOfTheFuture exhibit .
The actual Museum of the Future will be located alongside Sheikh Zayed Road in Downtown Dubai and is due to open to the public on December 2, 2018.
Located in the Emirates Towers area near Sheikh Zayed Road, major sections of the Dh500 million facility will be built using three-dimensional printing construction technique. “Recently 3-D printing of concrete at the architectural scale has not only become feasible but quite economically viable, and we hope to make Dubai a hub for this type of technology as well,” said Dr Noah Raford, chief operating officer at the Museum of the Future Foundation. [Follow him]

Last year there was a news about this, worlds first 3d printed office in Dubai, and Nivriti of Khaleej Times was kind enough to give me a call before printing the news to ask few questions. Read it here, I have learned a lot since the interview though 😉 :

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