Night light – Candle light – The FireFly Cottage – 3dsmax Vray – Case study, Cottage Architecture


Hi All, Presenting you some renders from a personal work , which I started longtime back and still working on(free time), to study new techniques and to test out different styles of lighting, texturing, landscaping and postproduction. I once had a dream, of millions of fireflies/lightning-bugs lighting up all around my house, I fancied them to be stars that took life and came down from the skies all around my home… So here I tried to recreate the same dream in 3d and photoshop. And for improving/testing my photoshop skills, I decided to render a day scene in 3d and convert it to night via photoshop. So here I used same base render for the Day and Night shots. I will update the making soon. Inspiration of location and cottage model is from my various journeys through mountain ranges of Indian Himalayas, The amazing places and pine forests I travelled through, those fairytale style houses in which I stayed as guest. Apparently I was falling in love with mountains especially Himalayas. 🙂 Then I researched about this cottage style of architecture, learned more about storybook or folkloric style and English Tudor style . After collecting various references from internet, I did a speed modelling as i am not really into modelling – I am more into other aspects of 3d and post. So I decided this will be my kind of dream house, covered by pine trees and will maintain the lawn grass manicured as in parks, so it will give me a mixed feel of a forest and a well maintained landscape.The cottage is made of natural rocks those are locally available. And i decided not to disrupt the terrain much, and to keep it as it is, so the cottage will fit the topography, unlike the otherway around.

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