Mazda cx7 3D Exterior [2013]

Hi everybody 🙂
A recent render of Mazda CX7 model, completely created in 3d max and vray, for the environment vegetation i used multiscatter (trees and shrubs)

For the first and last view, I tried the camera panning effect – which I used in automobile photography.  For achieving this, I animated the car and camera along, and gave a low shutter speed to vray physical cam.

Got Cgarena excellence Award – got featured in CGArena gallery. 🙂

Hope you all like it 🙂
Feel free to ask questions!

Ifthikhar AN

Here is a desktop wallpaper for you!
Enjoy! 🙂

For individual shots, Visit :


2 thoughts on “Mazda cx7 3D Exterior [2013]

  1. Hello ifthikar

    the first 3 images looking great,but last image with camera panning is looking good at all.i suggest you to keep this 3 images only.Last image blur is not working out ,it is looking fake.
    any way great job 🙂


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