Dry 3d Exterior

A traditional hut in Kerala made by Dry coconut leaves.
Another Vray experiment with textures and lights..

I was playing with Vray settings.not so much modeling on this scene.
tried to bring the natural lighting.its a hurry burry rendering…so there will be somany faults.


17 thoughts on “Dry 3d Exterior

  1. Thanks friends…

    @ chrome3d: I am not modest…just said wht i feel …thnks and welcome to ma blog!

    @ Dora: Yeah it will!….but here its in 3d and took only 10 mins for construction!

    @ Nina: 🙂
    You click the original scenes with your cam.But I construct my scene completely and then took shots!but all in 3D


  2. This Is A Nice One And These Days People Are Applying These Themes Only !! Nice One…Even I Am Planning For My Office Renovation And Would Be Needing Some Designs ..May B You Can Help !!Also I Have Started My Own Website And Would Like You To Have A Look At It.I Would Love To Have Your Comments On That Also.Unseen Rajasthan


  3. Ya man your creativity is so full of life, that I take a closer look to confirm it was not a photo. Kudos …. keep on designing.
    By the way, what is the software you are using? Don't think it's CAD 🙂


  4. Thanks all friends!…I was busy these day….thts why i ddnt reply …sorry..

    @ Rakesh Vanamali : I am also happy to met a naatukaaran here…thanks

    @ Unseen Rajasthan : thanks..and send me mail if u really want tht..

    @ Danielle : Thanks for those kind of words dear..

    @ Sekhar : Ya..its not autocad.I am using a software named “3ds max”…thx..

    @ Freddy : Thank u dude….

    @ അപ്പു : Yes, this is a CG….i mean completely made in 3d…

    @ Yet : Thanx dear.. i was trying to make it realistic…

    @ Baseball Hitting Lessons : Thnk u dude..


  5. Really very nice work. I just completed my 3ds max short course, but no experience in V-ray rendering.

    All the best and expect such great works from you again…


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