Testing Depth Of Field : 3d Interior

Testing Depth Of Field :
1 : First Render
2 : BG In Focus
3 : Staircase In Focus
(click image for larger version)


31 thoughts on “Testing Depth Of Field : 3d Interior

  1. really impressive work, can you put some details of materials specially for stairs, the right combination of glass and metal possible?


  2. Thanks for the visit!!!I am glad I followed up, You have a very interesting blog here!!!I love how the stair continue into the chair or actually how a chair becomes stairway to heaven😀


  3. Thanks”Kichu $ Chinnu | കിച്ചു $ ചിന്നു”All type of cameras and lenses are available in 3ds max… And all options you photographers use are also there…🙂


  4. Well interesting designs…Yes….even i felt that a little description would do more help to us to understand your work and appreciate in a more appropriate manner.Not only this pic, many around in ur blog are interesting…Have you implemented them anytime? or they got any chance to get implemented?let me knowgood going…:)


  5. Thanks “MD” & “Mahesh Sindbandge”@ MD: At last u said it!! Thanks…🙂@ Mahesh Sindbandge :Thanks, I will try….No, i dint implemented these works…these are my free time works…I cant upload my official works…🙂


  6. Hmmm i see..but the one you posted here can get implemented later right?is that not possible??Then who will point at you saying its “official” ? Anyways its just that i felt it will be like “giving shape to dreams” if it get implemented.


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